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Major Is an Award winning Director and LEO Award winning Production Designer, along with many nominations for Best Design, Directing, Writing, and Acting for film and TV. A member of the LGBTQ2A+Community, And recently Finding out about his Metis heritage.

PRODUCTION DESIGNER/ART DIRECTOR As Production Designer for Feature indie films and Hallmark TV shows, Major designs film sets, mood boards, and leads a team to make films look amazing. Major’s 9 years of experience coming up from Set Dresser to Set Decorator on IATSE shows and Hallmark, as well as Art director for Both Film and TV, Have taught him all aspects of the art department. Being able to be flexible, inventive, and budget aware has allowed Major to work in many genres as well. From horror to Christmas, drama to comedy, sci-fi and all in between delivering sets beyond client’s expectations and dreams. Being the Instructor for Production design at Infocus Film school helps keep Majors skills up and furthers his knowledge, while sharing the love of ART to students.

PRODUCER Major’s knowledge of so many fields in film has made him a fantastic Producer. Having produced on features (“Outrunners”,“Daughter”,“Time helmet”, This Island”, “Box of Freedom”), music videos (Washboard union, Jesse Moskaluke, JoJo Mason), and shorts ( Breakthrough, ADA, The Purgamentum, Stay strong, Stay True, Skinner, The Fondlers), rounds out Major’s all around film/TV skills, and have given Him many repeat clients and referrals to new clients. Major is always up to do challenging new projects, whether it’s challenging from a budget standpoint, or crazy production design, or a super intense acting role, Major is here and ready. You wanna Make a movie? Call Major!

2010 - present
2010 - present
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